Why Jamie

My business is dedicated to high-end luxury real estate and discerning clients. I have listed and sold numerous high-end luxury properties in my career years, and continue to grow my business with a remaining focus on good inventory. I specialize in selling more than just a home; I focus on finding the right consumer that wants to live that lifestyle. With long-standing local relationships with affluent buyers, private clubs, and businesses, I leverage this exclusive clientele to showcase each home in a special manner.

For instance, in today’s market, it is more than just listing a home – it’s about standing out and creating a unique platform to present the home in an exceptional way. I offer a concierge-style of service, and I am passionate about representing each seller with an endless commitment to deliver the results you expect. I will be dedicated to promoting your property with the highest level of standards.

I am a local expert with a worldwide reach. That being said my marketing strategy will entail both a local campaign to top local luxury brokers (both South Sound and North Sound) and their clients along with a comprehensive campaign to reach out to inter-state and international brokers.

My connections enable me to reach key feeder markets like California, and internationally like Hong Kong, and personally present your home. Many high-end sales come from interstate and international buyers, and I see a high likelihood that this trend will continue. My strategies will assist in obtaining your home’s highest value will come from leveraging this clientele.

My marketing team and will develop a custom campaign including online, print, direct mail, social media, and emails to showcase your property on a top tier level. All clients of mine will be placed on the world stage of top-tier brokers, markets, and marketing platforms. With the support of my team, I will leverage this luxury platform to the highest level. My brand is dedicated to global connections, leveraging exposure, and most importantly showcasing your home in the highest and best fashion. With access to these unrivaled tools for an international campaign, my plan will be unique to your home and unmatched among my peers.